Operation of the Ferrite Junction Circulator

  title={Operation of the Ferrite Junction Circulator},
  author={C. E. Fay and Richard L. Comstock},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques},
The operation of symmetrical circulators is described in terms of the counter-rotating normal modes (fields varying as exp n/spl phi/) of the ferrite-loaded circuits. The rotating modes, which are split by the applied magnetic field, form a stationary pattern which can be rotated in space to isolate one of the ports of the circulator. A detailed field theory of the strip-line Y-junction circulator operating with n = 1 is presented. Experiments designed to confirm the validity of the rotating… Expand
Field distribution for the magnetised semiconductor resonator and circulator
This paper presents a phenomenological description of the operation of the semiconductor junction circulator based on the rotation of the entire field pattern as a superposition of pairs ofExpand
Mode Chart for E-Plane Circulators (Correspondence)
The mode chart of the E-plane junction circulator is given. The geometry considered consists of two ferrite disks placed against the narrow walls at the plane of symmetry of a symmetrical 3-portExpand
High-power waveguide circulators using quarter-wave long composite ferrite/dielectric resonators
The thermal capacity of junction circulators operating at large CW power levels may be improved by employing mixed ferrite dielectric resonators in their construction. The paper describes a newExpand
Microwave Measurement Techniques for Below-Resonance Junction Circulators (Short Papers)
To have a full understanding of the experimental behavior of a junction circulator it is necessary to be able to measure the gyrator conductance, the susceptance slope parameter, and the frequenciesExpand
Double Circulation Frequency Operation of Stripline Y-Junction Circulators
The double circulation frequency operation (DCFO) of stripline Y-junction circulators loaded with dielectric-ferrite composites is presented. The dielectric-ferrite composite is made by combining aExpand
Design of a High-Power CW Y-Junction Waveguide Circulator
A junction circulator appears inferior in average power-handling capability, although it is compact and light-weight and has good performance. A new type of 100-kW CW waveguide Y-junction circulatorExpand
Composite-Junction Circulators Using Ferrite Disks and Dielectric Rings
Since most junctions do not use the full available magnetic splitting of the ferrite material, it is possible to replace part of it by a dielectric. The theoretical and experimental development ofExpand
Stripline Y-junction circulator using barium hexagonal ferrite thin films
In order to miniaturize a microwave passive component carrying out the function of circulation, several structures were considered. Among those, the stripline Y-junction circulator was the solutionExpand
The Operation of Nonreciprocal Microwave Faraday Rotation Devices and Circulators
  • J. Helszajn
  • Physics
  • Microwave Polarizers, Power Dividers, Phase Shifters, Circulators, and Switches
  • 2018
The Faraday rotation effect describes the rotation of the plane of polarization of a linearly polarized wave in an infinite gyromagnetic medium or circular waveguide. This chapter includes aExpand
A New Type of Latching, Switchable, Ferrite-Junction Circulator
For a long time, ferrite-junction circulators required an externally applied dc magnetic field provided by either permanent magnets or electromagnets. Recently, significant progress has been made inExpand


Four-Port Crossed-Waveguide Junction Circulators
A detailed account is given of the experimental investigation which has led to the design of 4-port circulators at frequencies from 2.5 to 25 Gc. The complex behaviour of these devices is clarifiedExpand
The Synthesis of Symmetrical Waveguide Circulators
A method for synthesizing symmetrical waveguide circulators by adjusting the eigenvalues of the scattering matrix is described. This procedure is particularly useful for the design of very compactExpand
On the principle of stripline circulation
A circular disc of gyromagnetic material, when placed between two infinite plane conductors and magnetized axially, can support cylindrical modes having no field variation in the axial direction. InExpand
On Stripline Y-Circulation at UHF
The simplified boundary-value problem of the circular strip-line Y-circulator is stated and, following experimental results, is solved approximately. The circulation parameters are calculated andExpand
Topics in guided wave propagation through gyromagnetic media
Some problems, complete discussion of which would be extremely difficult, are treated approximately by means of perturbation theory. Among these are the partially filled cylindrical waveguide, andExpand
Novel design of a 3-port circulator, Norwegian Defense Establishment Rept
  • Symposium on Mircowave Properties and Apphcatlons of Ferrites,
  • 1958
Tee circulator
A Y - junction stripline circulator