Operation Everest. II: Nutrition and body composition.

  title={Operation Everest. II: Nutrition and body composition.},
  author={M Sainte Rose and Charles S. Houston and Charles S. Fulco and Geoffrey Coates and John R. Sutton and Allen Cymerman},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
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Progressive body weight loss occurs during high mountain expeditions, but whether it is due to hypoxia, inadequate diet, malabsorption, or the multiple stresses of the harsh environment is unknown. To determine whether hypoxia due to decompression causes weight loss, six men, provided with a palatable ad libitum diet, were studied during progressive decompression to 240 Torr over 40 days in a hypobaric chamber where hypoxia was the major environmental variable. Caloric intake decreased 43.0… CONTINUE READING