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Operating system support for a dynamically reconfigurable VLIW processor

  title={Operating system support for a dynamically reconfigurable VLIW processor},
  author={A. Kulkarni},
  • A. Kulkarni
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science
  • The ρ-VEX is a dynamically reconfigurable VLIW processor, developed at TU Delft, which is capable of extracting large amounts of parallelism from applications running on it. However, without a dedicated software layer to dictate the reconfigurations, the ρ-VEX has to depend on another processor to carry out its reconfigurations meaningfully. Otherwise, this task can be left to the applications themselves, which would increase their complexity. In order to make the ρ-VEX capable of behaving as a… CONTINUE READING


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