Operating mobile networks through effective network inventory management


The paper presents a technical solution for the automation of network inventory management (NIM) processes for mobile operators. The deployment of operations support systems (OSS), according to the design of an overall target systems architecture, and the reengineering of management processes supporting NIM are the core issues of the proposed solution. Common information and data models are key enabling factors for NIM processes and systems. Information modelling is also the core of standardization efforts for network and service management. Within the operating environments of telecommunication companies (telcos), running either wireline or wireless networks, NIM and the centrality of data have appeared to be key factors for enabling automation of network and service management and deploying effective OSS solutions. The theories and the results discussed have been demonstrated practically and successfully in the operating companies of the Telecom Italia Group. Software solutions for the automation of NIM processes have been deployed since the early 1980s, using early software technologies for database management and building bespoke systems, until some more recent implementations that exploit best-in-class commercial products and successful Web technologies. A practical case study is presented of a successful implementation of an OSS solution for NIM in a mobile company of the Telecom Italia Group.

DOI: 10.1109/NOMS.2004.1317832

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@article{Grosso2004OperatingMN, title={Operating mobile networks through effective network inventory management}, author={Enrico Grosso and R. Alfano}, journal={2004 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (IEEE Cat. No.04CH37507)}, year={2004}, volume={2}, pages={31-44 Vol.2} }