Operating characteristics of a sealed-prototype Cs-Ba tacitron

  title={Operating characteristics of a sealed-prototype Cs-Ba tacitron},
  author={Gordon B. Masten and Dave Hidinger and I. N. Djachiachvili and Gregory C. Sharp and John M. Gahl},
Tacitrons[l,2J are triode gas-discharge tubes, similar in construction to thyratrons. The primary functional difference between a tacitron and a thyratron is that the tacitron is designed to be completely grid-controlled, whereas a thyratron has grid control only over ignition. Demountable cesium-barium (Cs-Ba) tacitrons have exhibited very low forward voltage drops in the range of a few volts, hold-off voltages greater than 200 V, and average conduction current densities greater than 10 Ncm2… CONTINUE READING

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