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Operad Structures in Geometric Quantization of the Polygon Spaces

  title={Operad Structures in Geometric Quantization of the Polygon Spaces},
  author={Yuya Takahashi},
  • Yuya Takahashi
  • Published 2021
  • Mathematics
The moduli space of spatial polygons is known as a symplectic manifold equipped with both Kähler and real polarizations. In this paper, associated to the Kähler and real polarizations, morphisms of operads fK¥ ah and fre are constructed by using the quantum Hilbert spacesHK¥ ah and Hre, respectively. Moreover, the relationship between the two morphisms of operads fK¥ ah and fre is studied and then the equality dimHK¥ ah = dimHre is proved in general setting. This operadic framework is regarded… Expand


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