Opening the Door for the New Methodology for Optimizing Functional Material Development in Technology Management Framework II

  title={Opening the Door for the New Methodology for Optimizing Functional Material Development in Technology Management Framework II},
  author={Hideki Hayashida and Hiroki Funashima and Hiroshi katayama-Yoshida and Takao Nomakuchi},
  journal={2017 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)},
A research study of the R&D management from various kinds of focus and scope has been done for many years. Especially, it has been quite difficult to explain the research & development project status as a quantitative dynamic model. In the previous our study, we defined the R&D project as the dynamic model and estimated interactions among internal elements within the company. This interaction plays animportant role to express the R&D project status. We applied this model to the specific… Expand
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