Opening Up for Competitive Advantage – How Deutsche Telekom Creates an Open Innovation Ecosystem

  title={Opening Up for Competitive Advantage – How Deutsche Telekom Creates an Open Innovation Ecosystem},
  author={Ren{\'e} Rohrbeck and Katharina H{\"o}lzle and Hans Georg Gem{\"u}nden},
  journal={O\&M: Structures \& Processes in Organizations eJournal},
When, on 21st September 2006, ‘The Economist’ compared incumbent telecommunication operators with dinosaurs that could soon face extinction, most readers were ready to agree. The mixture of declining revenues and fierce competition was believed to shake the market and soon to dethrone former national champions. However, there are ways to fight that extinction and one way is to open up for competitive advantage. This paper reflects on a case study at Deutsche Telekom, the German national… 

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