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OpenVMS Alpha 64-bit Very Large Memory Design

  title={OpenVMS Alpha 64-bit Very Large Memory Design},
  author={Karen L. Noel and Nitin Y. Karkhanis},
  journal={Digit. Tech. J.},
Vol. 9 No. 4 1997 33 Database products and other applications impose heavy demands on physical memory. The newest version of DIGITAL’s OpenVMS Alpha operating system extends its very large memory (VLM) support and allows large caches to remain memory resident. OpenVMS Alpha version 7.1 enables applications to take advantage of both 64-bit virtual addressing and very large memories consistent with the OpenVMS shared memory model. In this paper, we describe the new 64-bit VLM capabilities… Expand
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Digital Technical Journal
  • Digital Technical Journal
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OpenVMS AXP Internals and Data Structures, Version 1
  • OpenVMS AXP Internals and Data Structures, Version 1
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As a member of the OpenVMS Alpha Executive Group, he was one of the developers of OpenVMS Alpha 64-bit addressing support
  • He was also the primary developer for the physical
  • 1987
For a more complete description of shared memory creation on DIGITAL UNIX, see the DIGITAL UNIX Programmer's Guide