OpenTS: An Outline of Dynamic Parallelization Approach

  title={OpenTS: An Outline of Dynamic Parallelization Approach},
  author={Sergey Abramov and Alexey I. Adamovich and Alexander Inyukhin and Alexander Moskovsky and V. A. Roganov and Elena Shevchuk and Yuri Shevchuk and Alexander Vodomerov},
The paper is dedicated to an open T-system (OpenTS) — a programming system that supports automatic parallelization of computations for high-performance and distributed applications. In this paper, we describe the system architecture and input programming language as well as system’s distinctive features. The paper focuses on the achievements of the last two years of development, including support of distributed, meta-cluster computations. 1 Open T-System Outline Open T-System (Open TS) is a… CONTINUE READING