OpenGL 4 . 3 API Reference Card Page 1

  • void, POINTER void
  • Published 2012


f float (32 bits) d double (64 bits) OpenGL® is the only cross-platform graphics API that enables developers of software for PC, workstation, and supercomputing hardware to create highperformance, visually-compelling graphics software applications, in markets such as CAD, content creation, energy, entertainment, game development, manufacturing, medical, and virtual reality. Specifications are available at • see FunctionName refers to functions on this reference card. • [n.n.n] and [Table n.n] refer to sections and tables in the OpenGL 4.3 core specification. • [n.n.n] refers to sections in the OpenGL Shading Language 4.30 specification. OpenGL Command Syntax [2.2] GL commands are formed from a return type, a name, and optionally up to 4 characters (or character pairs) from the Command Letters table (to the left), as shown by the prototype:

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