OpenERP/Odoo - An Open Source Concept to ERP Solution

  title={OpenERP/Odoo - An Open Source Concept to ERP Solution},
  author={Amal Ganesh and K. N. Shanil and C. Sunitha and A. M. Midhundas},
  journal={2016 IEEE 6th International Conference on Advanced Computing (IACC)},
Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] is a widely used system across all organizations regardless the size. The need for making rapid decision based on the analysis of the complex data lead to the use of ERP systems. In the beginning ERP systems were limited to large organizations. Later this trend has changed with the advent of open source ERP systems. With its added advantage, it started to take over the confidence across small, medium and large sized industries. There are lots of open source… 

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Python: a programming language for software integration and development.
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    Journal of molecular graphics & modelling
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In the laboratory, the laboratory investigates several areas, including protein-ligand docking, protein-protein docking, and complex molecular assemblies, as well as developing a number of computational tools such as molecular surfaces, phenomenological potentials, various docking and visualization programs which are used in conjunction with programs developed by others.
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  • Comparison between OpenERP and other ERP systemsMarch13) [Online] Available http://evaluation-matrix
  • 2015