Open system approach to neutrino oscillations

  title={Open system approach to neutrino oscillations},
  author={Fabio Benatti and Roberto Floreanini},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Neutrino oscillations are studied in the general framework of open quantum systems by means of extended dynamics that take into account possible dissipative effects. These new phenomena induce modifications in the neutrino oscillation pattern that in general can be parametrized by means of six phenomenological constants. Although very small, stringent bounds on these parameters are likely to be given by future planned neutrino experiments. 

Beyond the new standard model in neutrino oscillations

We discuss effects of new physics (NP) in neutrino oscillation experiments. Such effects can modify a production neutrino flux, a detection cross-section and a matter transition. As a result, the NP

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In precision measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters and in the search for θ 13 , it becomes important to study small effects which may alter the precision measurements or mimic a θ 13

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This thesis is devoted to the study of neutrino physics in general and the study of neutrino mixing and oscillations in particular. In the standard model of particle physics, neutrinos are massless

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Quantum gravity may involve models with stochastic fluctuations of the associated metric field, around some fixed background value. Such stochastic models of gravity may induce decoherence for matter

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We discuss violations of CPT and quantum mechanics due to interactions of neutrinos with space-time quantum foam. Neutrinoless double beta decay and oscillations of neutrinos from astrophysical



Quantum decoherence effect and neutrino oscillation

In the view of the quantum dynamic theory of measurement developed from the Hepp-Colemen (HC) model (K. Hepp, Hev.Phys.Acta, {\bf 45}, 237 (1972)), the quantum decoherence in neutrino flavor

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Comment on ``Searching for Evolutions of Pure States into Mixed States in the Two-State System K-K''

It has been recently proposed to study generic dynamical evolutions of the neutral kaon system that go beyond quantum mechanics. We explicitly show that, unless the condition of complete positivity

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Dirac Formulation of Quantum Mechanics. Elementary Quantum Systems. Operator Algebra. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field. Interaction of Radiation with Matter. Quantum Theory of

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Quantum Dynamical Semigroups and Applications

In this text the authors develop quantum dynamics of open systems for a wide class of irreversible processes starting from the concept of completely positive semigroups. This unified approach makes

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