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Open source software development process for the development of open source e-learning systems

  title={Open source software development process for the development of open source e-learning systems},
  author={Aarthy Krishnamurthy},
Over the last decade, numerous educational institutions and corporate world have employed various kinds of e-learning software solutions. One of the major components of end-to-end e-learning solution is the learning management system (LMS). These LMS are either developed as open source software (OSS) or close source software (CSS) product. In this regard, CSS for e-learning systems has a major drawback of being expensive and this hinders its widespread use. On the other hand, OSS is virtually… Expand
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A computer system, called Open Web Learning Platform (OWLP), that allows a teacher not only to upload his/her own teaching material but also to stream out his/ her lecture in real-time is proposed. Expand


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An empirical study of open-source and closed-source software products
It is concluded that, when implementing or switching to the open-source development model, practitioners should ensure that an appropriate metrics collection strategy is in place to verify the perceived benefits. Expand
Toward an understanding of the motivation of open source software developers
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It is theorized that learning is one of the motivational forces that motivates people to participate in OSS communities, and is grounded in the learning theory of Legitimate Peripheral Participation and is supported by analyzing the social structure of O SS communities and the co-evolution between OSS systems and communities. Expand
Towards the identification of the influence of SPI on the successful evolution of software SMEs
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