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Open source implementation of the Multiplicatively Weighted Voronoi Diagram as a TerraView plugin

  title={Open source implementation of the Multiplicatively Weighted Voronoi Diagram as a TerraView plugin},
  author={Maur{\'i}cio Carvalho Martins de Paulo and A. V. Monteiro and Eduardo Gerbi Camargo},
Given a point set the Voronoi diagram associates to each point all the locations in a plane that are closer to it . This diagram is often used in spatial analysis to divide an area among points. In the ordinary Voronoi diagram the points are treated as equals and the division is done in a purely geometrical way. A weighted Voronoi diagram is defined as an extension of the original diagram. The weight given usually relates to some variable property of the phenomenon represented by each point… CONTINUE READING
Visual analytics of dynamic higher order information
  • Ye Wang
  • Computer Science
  • 2017


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