Open problems and questions about geodesics

  title={Open problems and questions about geodesics},
  author={Keith Burns and Vladimir S. Matveev},
  journal={Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems},
  pages={641 - 684}
  • K. Burns, V. Matveev
  • Published 25 August 2013
  • Mathematics
  • Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
The paper surveys open problems and questions related to geodesics defined by Riemannian, Finsler, semi-Riemannian and magnetic structures on manifolds. It is an extended report on problem sessions held during the International Workshop on Geodesics in August 2010 at the Chern Institute of Mathematics in Tianjin. 
Connecting and Closed Geodesics of a Kropina Metric
Abstract We prove some results about existence of connecting and closed geodesics in a manifold endowed with a Kropina metric. These have applications to both null geodesics of spacetimes endowed
An inequality for length and volume in the complex projective plane
We prove a new inequality relating volume to length of closed geodesics on area minimizers for generic metrics on the complex projective plane. We exploit recent regularity results for area
Homologically visible closed geodesics on complete surfaces
In this paper, we give multiple situations when having one or two geometrically distinct closed geodesics on a complete Riemannian cylinder, a complete Möbius band or a complete Riemannian plane
On the ergodicity of geodesic flows on surfaces without focal points
In this article, we study the ergodicity of the geodesic flows on surfaces with no focal points. Let $M$ be a smooth connected and closed surface equipped with a $C^\infty$ Riemannian metric $g$,
Multiplicity of closed geodesics on bumpy Finsler manifolds with elliptic closed geodesics
Let M be a compact simply connected manifold satisfying H∗(M ;Q) ∼= Td,n+1(x) for integers d ≥ 2 and n ≥ 1. If all prime closed geodesics on (M,F ) with an irreversible bumpy Finsler metric F are
Optimal sweepouts of a Riemannian 2-sphere
Given a sweepout of a Riemannian 2-sphere which is composed of curves of length less than L, we construct a second sweepout composed of curves of length less than L which are either constant curves
M ay 2 01 9 The optimal lower bound estimation of the number of closed geodesics on Finsler compact space form S 2 n + 1 / Γ
Let M = S/Γ, Γ is a finite group which acts freely and isometrically on the (2n + 1)-sphere and therefore M is diffeomorphic to a compact space form. In this paper, we first investigate Katok’s
Sharp upper bounds on the length of the shortest closed geodesic on complete punctured spheres of finite area
We establish sharp universal upper bounds on the length of the shortest closed geodesic on a punctured sphere with three or four ends endowed with a complete Riemannian metric of finite area. These
The length of a shortest closed geodesic on a surface of finite area
In this paper we prove new upper bounds for the length of a shortest closed geodesic, denoted $l(M)$, on a complete, non-compact Riemannian surface $M$ of finite area $A$. We will show that $l(M)
Almost every path structure is not variational
. Given a smooth family of unparameterized curves such that through every point in every direction there passes exactly one curve, does there exist a Lagrangian with extremals being precisely this


Finsler surfaces with prescribed geodesics
We construct all Finsler metrics on the two-sphere for which geodesics are circles and show that any (reversible) path geometry on a two-dimensional manifold is locally the system of geodesics of a
Genericity of Geodesic Flows with Positive Topological Entropy on S2
We show that the set of C ∞ Riemannian metrics on S 2 or RP 2 whose geodesic flow has positive topological entropy is open and dense in the C 2 topology. The proof is partially based on an analogue
Manifolds with non-positive curvature
Abstract This is an extended report on a problem session about geodesic flows held on May 30, 1984 at MSRI, Berkeley. The list of six authors reflects the principal participants in the discussion.
On completeness of homogeneous Pseudo-Riemannian manifolds
The following theorem answers a question raised by J. A. Wolf. Theorem. Let M be a compact pseudo-riemannian manifold. Let G be a Lie group which acts transitively on M by isometries. Then M is
In this paper it is proved that a geodesic flow on a two-dimensional compact manifold of genus greater than 1 with Riemannian metric without focal points is isomorphic with a Bernoulli flow. This
Two-dimensional Riemannian metrics with integrable geodesic flows. Local and global geometry
Classical and new results on integrable geodesic flows on two-dimensional surfaces are reviewed. The central question is the classification of such flows up to various equivalences, of which the
Pseudo-Riemannian metrics on closed surfaces whose geodesic flows admit nontrivial integrals quadratic in momenta
We describe all pseudo-Riemannian metrics on closed surfaces whose geodesic flows admit nontrivial integrals quadratic in momenta. As an application, we solve the Beltrami problem on closed surfaces
Local normal forms for geodesically equivalent pseudo-Riemannian metrics
This is an extended version of the submitted paper. It contains all proofs with all details and also an appendix where we explain how can one construct a complex structure by a (1,1)-tensor such that
Hyperbolic manifolds are geodesically rigid
Abstract.We show that if all geodesics of two non-proportional metrics on a closed manifold coincide (as unparameterized curves), then the manifold has a finite fundamental group or admits a