Open innovation for phenotypic drug discovery: The PD2 assay panel.

  title={Open innovation for phenotypic drug discovery: The PD2 assay panel.},
  author={Jonathan A. Lee and Shaoyou Chu and Francis S Willard and Karen L. Cox and Rachelle J. Sells Galvin and Robert B. Peery and Sarah E Oliver and Jennifer K Oler and Tamika DeShea Meredith and Steven A. Heidler and Wendy H. Gough and Saba Husain and Alan D. Palkowitz and Christopher M Moxham},
  journal={Journal of biomolecular screening},
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Phenotypic lead generation strategies seek to identify compounds that modulate complex, physiologically relevant systems, an approach that is complementary to traditional, target-directed strategies. Unlike gene-specific assays, phenotypic assays interrogate multiple molecular targets and signaling pathways in a target "agnostic" fashion, which may reveal novel functions for well-studied proteins and discover new pathways of therapeutic value. Significantly, existing compound libraries may not… CONTINUE READING