Open government and the right to information: Implications for transparency and accountability in Asia

  title={Open government and the right to information: Implications for transparency and accountability in Asia},
  author={Habib Zafarullah and Noore Alam Siddiquee},
  journal={Public Administration and Development},


Operationalizing the Right to Information Act through E-Governance in Bangladesh: Challenges and Opportunities
ABSTRACT Over the years, lack of transparency and accountability has become a common feature in the delivery of public services in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s introduction of The Right to Information
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In the present dispensation the development and prosperity of any area are to be decided by the State. The state is the owner of development. The new expectation is that the state has to withdraw
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The mediating role of ICT in the development of open government
  • M. Alderete
  • Political Science
    Journal of Global Information Technology Management
  • 2018
ABSTRACT Nowadays, many governments around the world are using the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to build a more transparent, efficient and inclusive relationship with citizens.
Declaration of Human Rights