Open education: the need for a critical approach

  title={Open education: the need for a critical approach},
  author={Si{\^a}n Bayne and Jeremy Knox and Jen Ross},
  journal={Learning, Media and Technology},
  pages={247 - 250}
This special issue is concerned with developing critical approaches to open education: about delving deeper into what we mean when we use this term, how it is recognised and understood, and how the particular claims of open education influence policy and manifest in practice. We hope the work collected here will contribute to the continued development and embedding of this area of educational practice. ‘Openness’ has become a highly charged and politicised term, a movement operating in many… 

Open Education

This chapter explores the use of open educational practices (OEP) in higher education, the tensions posed by all forms of openness within the academy, the importance of critical approaches to

Open in the Evening

Recently a critical turn has emerged in the open education literature. In addition to voices which have critiqued open education as under-theorised (Bayne, Knox & Ross, 2015; Edwards, 2015; Gourlay,

Editorial for the special issue on advancing research on open education

The more attention a topic receives, the fuzzier the underlying assumptions and premises often become. Open education is generally an open attitude about teaching and learning practices, it has also

What Is Open Pedagogy? Identifying Commonalities

Open pedagogy has been touted by advocates as a promising expansion of open educational resources because it involves shifting from making resources accessible to impacting the practice of teaching.

For whom, and for what? Not-yetness and thinking beyond open content

This article traces a line through contemporary critical perspectives on open online education, which challenge an emphasis on content and access that gives too much weight to instrumental goals of

Faculty Perception of Openness and Attitude to Open Sharing at the Indian National Open University

In the past decade, the educational scenario world over has significantly been impacted by open access and open education movements. The philosophy of openness and sharing forms the cornerstone of

Critical approaches to valuing digital education: learning with and from the Manifesto for Teaching Online

The Manifesto for Teaching Online was written in 2011 to articulate a critical yet positive position on online, distance education in opposition to dominant technicist and instrumentalist discourses

Inclusive open education: presumptions, principles, and practices

ABSTRACT Open education has long been forwarded as a producer of equity. However, there currently exists a lack of critical engagement with issues of justice in open educational practices (OEP).

In between hyperboles: forms and formations in Open Education

ABSTRACT Captured under the umbrella term Open Education, a wide range of educational initiatives has been popping up in the educational landscape. This study aims to offer empirical ground for



Good Education in an Age of Measurement: Ethics, Politics, Democracy

The widespread use of the measurement of educational outcomes in order to compare the performance of education within and across countries seems to express a real concern for the quality of

Open education : the need for a critical approach

  • Learning , Media and Technology
  • 2015