Open cluster kinematics with Gaia DR2 (Corrigendum)

  title={Open cluster kinematics with Gaia DR2 (Corrigendum)},
  author={C. Soubiran and T. Cantat-Gaudin and Manuel Romero-G{\'o}mez and Laia Casamiquela and C. Jordi and Antonella Vallenari and T. Antoja and Lola Balaguer-N'unez and Diego Bossini and Angela Bragaglia and Ricardo Carrera and Alfred Castro-Ginard and Francesca Figueras and Ulrike Heiter and Daniel Martin Katz and Alberto Krone-Martins and J.-F. Le Campion and Andr{\'e} Moitinho and Rosanna Sordo},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. Open clusters are very good tracers of the evolution of the Galactic disc. Thanks to Gaia, their kinematics can be investigated with an unprecedented precision and accuracy. Aims. The distribution of open clusters in the 6D phase space is revisited with Gaia DR2. Methods. The weighted mean radial velocity of open clusters was determined, using the most probable members available from a previous astrometric investigation that also provided mean parallaxes and proper motions. Those… Expand
Aggregates of clusters in the Gaia data
Context. The precision of the parallax measurements by Gaia is unprecedented. As of Gaia Data Release 2, the number of known nearby open clusters has increased. Some of the clusters appear to beExpand
The List of Possible Double and Multiple Open Clusters between Galactic Longitudes 240° and 270°
This work studies the candidate double and multiple open clusters (OCs) in the galactic sector from l = 240 o to l = 270 o , which contains the Vela-Puppis star formation region. To do that, we haveExpand


The OCCASO survey: presentation and radial velocities of 12 Milky Way open clusters
Open clusters (OCs) are crucial for studying the formation and evolution of the Galactic disc. However, the lack of a large number of OCs analyzed homogeneously hampers the investigations aboutExpand
Binary open clusters in the Milky Way: photometric and spectroscopic analysis of NGC 5617 and Trumpler 22
Using photometry and high resolution spectroscopy we investigate for the first time the physical connection between the open clusters NGC 5617 and Trumpler 22. Based on new CCD photometry we reportExpand
A RAVE investigation on galactic open clusters. II, Open cluster pairs, groups and complexes
CONTEXT: It is generally agreed upon that stars form in open clusters (OCs) and stellar associations, but little is known about structures in the Galactic OC population; whether OCs and stellarExpand
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