Open-access row prompts editorial board of Elsevier journal to resign

  title={Open-access row prompts editorial board of Elsevier journal to resign},
  author={Dalmeet Singh Chawla},
The board of the Journal of Informetrics has launched a new open-access publication. The board of the Journal of Informetrics has launched a new open-access publication. 
Plan S, self‐publishing, and addressing unreasonable risks of society publishing
Funders and other science publishing campaigns need to recognize the value of learned societies and work with them to sustain the production of quality knowledge, as Societies face increasing pressure to contain costs and retain revenues.
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For more than thirty years the spiralling costs of scholarly journal subscriptions (“the serials crises”) has been a hotly debated topic. Academics and librarians have pointed out the high profit
Business as Usual with Article Processing Charges in the Transition towards OA Publishing: A Case Study Based on Elsevier
Tentative answers to three questions are outlined using a Monte Carlo approach to deal with the uncertainty inherent in the inputs of the article processing charges (APCs) that are paid when publishing articles using the open access (OA) option.
A tipping point for open citation data
Abstract Open citation data can improve the transparency and robustness of scientific portfolio analysis, improve science policy decision-making, stimulate downstream commercial activity, and
Scholarly publishing on the blockchain - from smart papers to smart informetrics
It is shown how an Ethereum-based suite of smart contracts running on top of a Web-enabled governance framework can facilitate decentralised computation of citations that is trustworthy.
The NIH Open Citation Collection: A public access, broad coverage resource
The NIH Open Citation Collection (NIH-OCC), a public access database for biomedical research that is made freely available to the community, is described and data from unrestricted data sources such as MedLine, PubMed Central, and CrossRef are included.
Why are new journals created? An international analysis of Information and Documentation titles (2013-2018)
espanolSe analiza la creacion o cambios de titulo de las revistas cientificas del area de Informacion y Documentacion (ID) en el periodo de 2013-2018. A partir de un total de 62 revistas