Open-Source 32-Bit RISC Soft-Core Processors

  title={Open-Source 32-Bit RISC Soft-Core Processors},
  author={Rahul R.Balwaik Rahul R.Balwaik},
  journal={IOSR journal of VLSI and Signal Processing},
A soft-core processor build using a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)’s general-purpose logic represents an embedded processor commonly used for implementation. In a large number of applications; soft-core processors play a vital role due to their ease of usage. Soft-core processors are more advantageous than their hard-core counterparts due to their reduced cost, flexibility, platform independence and greater immunity to obsolescence. This paper presents a survey of a considerable number of… Expand
The Soft Core Processors: A Review
Embedded systems are characterized by small size, high speed and minimum power requirements. Apart from satisfying these characteristics, the embedded products need to meet some design metrics viz.Expand
Open-Source RISC-V Processor IP Cores for FPGAs — Overview and Evaluation
This work wants to focus on open-source 32-bit CPU IP cores suitable for FPGAs and which support the upcoming free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture that has some interesting advantages when compared to commercial CPU cores. Expand
OpenPiton: An Open Source Manycore Research Framework
OpenPiton is the world's first open source, general-purpose, multithreaded manycore processor and framework that leverages the industry hardened OpenSPARC T1 core with modifications and builds upon it with a scratch-built, scalable uncore creating a flexible, modern manycore design. Expand
KM3NeT front-end and readout electronics system: hardware, firmware, and software
An overview of the front-end and readout electronics system inside the optical module, which has been designed for a 1~ns synchronization between the clocks of all optical modules in the grid during a life time of at least 20 years. Expand
A comparative survey of open-source application-class RISC-V processor implementations
This paper compares the most prominent open-source application-class RISC-V projects by running identical benchmarks on identical platforms with defined configuration settings to give more substantiated results. Expand


The SecretBlaze: A Configurable and Cost-Effective Open-Source Soft-Core Processor
The present work introduces the Secret Blaze, a highly configurable and open-source RISC soft-core processor that aims to strike the balance between the design quality and the efficiency of the data path. Expand
Configurable Soft Processor Arrays Using the OpenFire Processor
The OpenFire is presented, a Xilinx MicroBlaze-compatible processor designed for configurable array research that is made smaller, allowing additional processors to be added to the array, thus increasing the overall throughput. Expand
Measuring the Gap Between FPGAs and ASICs
  • Ian Kuon, Jonathan Rose
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
  • 2007
This paper presents experimental measurements of the differences between a 90-nm CMOS field programmable gate array (FPGA) and 90-nm CMOS standard-cell application-specific integrated circuitsExpand
Special Effect Drivers for Camera on an Open Source Platform
  • Huan Tian, H. Li, Hui-yao An
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 Second International Conference on Information and Computing Science
  • 2009
A novel embedded OpenRISC platform was developed with Altera FPGA and five algorithms of video special effects for camera applications were proposed and integrated in the drivers, which included mirror effect, line-scanning effect, diff effect, edge blur effect and noise effect. Expand
OpenRISC 1200 IP Core Specification (Preliminary Draft), January, Version 0.11
  • Lampret
  • 2011
ThumbPod puts security under your thumb, Xilinx Xcell Journal
  • 2004
OpenRISC 1200 IP Core Specification (Preliminary Draft)
  • OpenRISC 1200 IP Core Specification (Preliminary Draft)
  • 2011
AEMB 32-bit Microprocessor Core Datasheet
  • AEMB 32-bit Microprocessor Core Datasheet
  • 2007
AEMB 32-bit Microprocessor Core Datasheet, November
  • 2007