Open Government Data Ecosystems: Linking Transparency for Innovation with Transparency for Participation and Accountability

  title={Open Government Data Ecosystems: Linking Transparency for Innovation with Transparency for Participation and Accountability},
  author={Luigi Reggi and Sharon S. Dawes},
The rhetoric of open government data (OGD) promises that data transparency will lead to multiple public benefits: economic and social innovation, civic participation, public-private collaboration, and public accountability. In reality much less has been accomplished in practice than advocates have hoped. OGD research to address this gap tends to fall into two streams – one that focuses on data publication and re-use for purposes of innovation, and one that views publication as a stimulus for… 
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This chapter presents the results of the analysis of the open government initiative in the city of Sao Paulo. The theoretical-methodological structure built in the doctoral research promoted the
Systemic change, open data ecosystem performance improvements, and empirical insights from Estonia: A country-level action research study
An overview of how Estonia used action research and systems theory to improve the performance their Open Government Data (OGD) ecosystem is provided, including the creation of a framework based on systems theory, systems thinking, and action research for enacting strategic change in OGD ecosystems.
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An overview of the components that enable open data ecosystems to facilitate the opening and use of OGD is provided.
Motivations of civil society actors to reuse open data. Case study of discrete actors in Lyon
A heuristic model of interconnection between societal outcomes of open data and individual motivations of the actors is proposed and shown that civil society actors in Lyon have the expertise to create knowledge and services from open data, but they fail to appropriate the latter for the lack of communication channels with the platform managers.
Towards Open Data Mashups for Data Journalism
This paper proposes an approach called Open Data Mashups for Data Journalism (ODMOJO) that aims to bridge open data publishers and their consumers, i.e., journalists and society at large, with Linked Data technologies.
Zooming Into the Ecosystem: Agency and Politics Around Open Data Platforms in Lyon and Berlin
The findings indicate the objectives of open data initiatives were narrowed down to economic development and administration efficiency, despite broader visions on open data among other actors.
Realizing the benefits of open government data: Journalists’ coverage of the NHS winter crisis, 2016–17
  • BT Lawson
  • Political Science
    The Information Society
  • 2021
Abstract In the current literature on open government data (OGD) ecosystems, academics have paid little attention to the way data journalists realize the benefits of publicly-available data. To
Towards Ethical Data Ecosystems: A Literature Study
This study reviews the extant literature regarding the given advice about ethical considerations and shows the discussion is fragmented and concrete ethical guidelines are lacking, requiring more work for governing data ecosystems in an ethical way.


Stewardship and usefulness: Policy principles for information-based transparency
  • S. Dawes
  • Political Science
    Gov. Inf. Q.
  • 2010
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