Open Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  title={Open Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging},
  author={Dietrich H. W. Gr{\"o}nemeyer and Robert B. Lufkin},
  booktitle={Springer Berlin Heidelberg},
  • Dietrich H. W. Grönemeyer, Robert B. Lufkin
  • Published in Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2000
  • Medicine
  • Basic Principles: Introduction Basic Physics Field Strength in MR Imaging:Its Theoretical Basis Open Magnet Technology for MRI, Contrast Agents in MR Interventions. Systems and Environment: The Technology and Potential of Open MRI Instruments and Equipment for Open Field Graphics Workstations for Interventional MRI of the Brain Equipment of Interventional Operation Theaters. Technical Procedures for Diagnosis and Intervention: Fast Imaging Techniques for Interventional MRI Scanners with open… CONTINUE READING

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