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Open Education Practices for Learners with Disabilities

  title={Open Education Practices for Learners with Disabilities},
  author={Zehra Altınay and Fahriye Altınay and Ebba Ossianilsson and Cengiz Hakan Aydin},
Transition from traditional learning to open up education, the equality, openness and access has been reached for all learners without any time and distance limitations. Although this transition happens all around to world to underline equality in learning, the principles of online pedagogy and restructure on pedagogical and organizational levels come into the consideration. Access, openness and the equality for learning confirm the essence of active dialogue and engagement of learners to… 
Universal Design for Learning Enables Significant Learning in Digital Courses
This chapter examines the core concepts of UDL and presents specific examples in digital university teaching constructs and can be leveraged as an instructional superpower to the benefit of all learners in universities and post-secondary courses.
E-learning in Higher Education to Achieve SDG 4: Benefits and Challenges
  • Sara Ghanem
  • Medicine
    2020 Second International Sustainability and Resilience Conference: Technology and Innovation in Building Designs(51154)
  • 2020
This study highlights the benefits and challenges of e-learning in the developing countries’ higher education as well as presents examples ofe-learning quality assurance models developed and implemented internationally, as solutions to overcome the challenges, all in one place which gives a holistic view of the topic.
Monitoring and Usage of Project Technologies in Vocational (Vocational-Technical) Education Institutions
The article reveals the main results of the ascertaining phase of the experiment of the research project "Methodical principles of developing the project technologies for the professional training of
Psychological Correction of Parents' Attitude to Their Children with Special Educational Needs by Means of Art Therapy
The paper presents the results of empirical study of parents' attitudes towards their children with special educational needs. The following methods have been used: PARI method (E. Schaefer, R. Bell;
The Role of Technology in Tourism and Health Services for Accessibility in Service Management
As technology connects people and makes life easier, it is crucial to conduct smart societies by facilitating qualified services. The research study aims to evaluate accessibility in health and


MOOCs as Change Agents to Boost Innovation in Higher Education Learning Arenas
Massive open online courses (MOOCs) provide opportunities for learners to benefit from initiatives that are promoted by prestigious universities worldwide. The introduction of MOOCs in 2008 has since
Technology as Mediation Tool for Improving Teaching Profession in Higher Education Practices
Technology became a mediation tool for forming information and developing skills is teacher education programs of higher education institutions because technological tools can be used for
Establishing a Framework on OER Practices for ICT Competence of Disabled Citizens.
The research encapsulates the framework on potential contributions of OER practices for supporting the ICT competence for disabled adult learners in building equal opportunities within the society and the evaluation of higher education institutions upon this scope.
An Examination of Open and Technology Leadership in Managerial Practices of Education System
In order for a smooth and problem-free transformation to take place in a digitalizing education system, efficient management is needed. Thus, educational managers need to improve their skills and
Opportunities and challenges for the future of MOOCs and open education in Europe
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Role of technology and management in tolerance and reconciliation education
Peace education process, tolerance and mutual understanding plays a great role to decide the right attitudes in education. Education human being through spirits of love and peace is essential. This
Research Methods in Education
Introduction Part 1. The Context of Educational Research: 1. The Nature of Inquiry Part 2. Planning Educational Research: 2. The Ethics of Educational and Social Research 3. Planning Educational
The Maturing of the MOOC : Literature Review of Massive Open Online Courses and other Forms of Online Distance Learning
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Assesing the Effects of Managers in the Digital Age
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