Open Data and Data Analysis Preservation Services for LHC Experiments

  title={Open Data and Data Analysis Preservation Services for LHC Experiments},
  author={J Cowton and Suenje Dallmeier-Tiessen and Pamfilos Fokianos and Laura Rueda and Patricia Herterich and Jir{\'i} Kuncar and Tibor Simko and Tim Smith},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},
In this paper we present newly launched services for open data and for long-term preservation and reuse of high-energy-physics data analyses based on the digital library software Invenio. We track the ”data continuum” practices through several progressive data analysis phases up to the final publication. The aim is to capture for subsequent generations all digital assets and associated knowledge inherent in the data analysis process, and to make a subset available rapidly to the public. The… 

CERN Analysis Preservation and Reuse Framework: FAIR research data services for LHC experiments

The importance of annotating the deposited content with high-level structured information about physics concepts in order to promote information discovery and knowledge sharing inside the collaboration is discussed.

CERN Analysis Preservation: A Novel Digital Library Service to Enable Reusable and Reproducible Research

An unprecedented digital library service is presented to enable the High-Energy Physics community to preserve and share their research objects throughout their research process, built on existing internal databases to make the process as easy and intrinsic as possible for researchers.

Research Data Management at CERN

  • Vera Lipton
  • Political Science
    Open Scientific Data - Why Choosing and Reusing the RIGHT DATA Matters
  • 2020
The explicit policies mandating open data make it clear that the curation and release of scientific data in electronic formats are no longer an issue. Rather, the discussion has shifted to issues

LHCb Upgrade Software and Computing

  • Computer Science
  • 2018
The Research and Development activities that were carried out in the software and computing domains in view of the upgrade of the LHCb experiment, together with a risk assessment analysis, are reported.

Strategic Plan for a Scientific Software Innovation Institute (S2I2) for High Energy Physics

The quest to understand the fundamental building blocks of nature and their interactions is one of the oldest and most ambitious of human scientific endeavors. Facilities such as CERN's Large Hadron

Open access for ALICE analysis based on virtualization technology

The current status of the tools used by ALICE through the CERN open access portal are presented, and the plans for future extensions of this system are presented.

Open Sharing of Clinical Trial Data

  • Vera Lipton
  • Biology
    Open Scientific Data - Why Choosing and Reusing the RIGHT DATA Matters
  • 2020
The previous chapter examined the practices andmethods for sharing particle physics data and identified the key challenges and lessons learnt in the process. This chapter turns to consider the

Design Pattern for Analysis Automation on Distributed Resources using Luigi Analysis Workflows

  • M. Rieger
  • Computer Science
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series
  • 2020
The Luigi Analysis Workflows (Law) Python package, which is based on the open-source pipelining tool Luigi, establishes a generic design pattern for analyses of arbitrary scale and complexity, and shifts the focus from executing to defining the analysis logic.

The Case for Open Scientific Data: Theory, Benefits, Costs and Opportunities

  • Vera Lipton
  • Economics
    Open Scientific Data - Why Choosing and Reusing the RIGHT DATA Matters
  • 2020
This chapter reviews the theories underpinning open scientific data and explains when and why the concept of open scientific data has been adopted by the research community, funders, policymakers and

Open Scientific Data - Why Choosing and Reusing the RIGHT DATA Matters

This book examines the emerging policy, law and practice of facilitating open access to scientific research data at CERN and argues that open data can be shared at various stages of processing and diversification using a staged model.



Open access to high-level data and analysis tools in the CMS experiment at the LHC

The CMS experiment has made its first public release of high-level data under the CC0 waiver: up to half of the proton-proton collision data (by volume) at 7 TeV from 2010 in CMS Analysis Object Data format.

The DPHEP Study Group: Data Preservation in High Energy Physics

A major report was released in May 2012, greatly expanding on the ideas contained in a preliminary publication three years earlier and providing a more solid set of recommendations, not only concerning data preservation and its implementation in high-energy physics, but also the future direction and organisational model of the study group.

CernVM: Minimal maintenance approach to virtualization

The most important use cases for virtualization in High Energy Physics (HEP), CernVM key components are described and how end-to-end systems corresponding to these use cases can be realized using Cern VM are discussed.

Joint declaration of data citation principles

Data citations should be accorded the same importance in the scholarly record as citations of other research objects, such as publications and should be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the variant practices among communities.

Data Access for the Open Access Literature: PLOS's Data Policy

The new PLOS Data Policy will require all submitting authors to include a data availability statement as of March 1, 2014, and this cross-PLOS Editorial from Theo Bloom and colleagues explains what this means.

Setting the default to reproducible

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ALICE data preservation strategy. CERN Open Data Portal

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CMS data preservation, re-use and open access policy. CERN Open Data Portal

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