Opalinidae (Slopalinida) in South American Amphibia. GenusOpalina Purkinje & Valentin, 1835 in Colombia

  title={Opalinidae (Slopalinida) in South American Amphibia. GenusOpalina Purkinje \& Valentin, 1835 in Colombia},
  author={B. Delvinquier and C. J. Marinkelle},
  journal={Systematic Parasitology},
In September and October, 1992, 97 Colombian amphibians at eight sites and comprising 25 species in eight families were checked for opalinids in the cloaca.Opalina elongata Carini, 1937 was found in one juvenile ofCentrolenella sp. (Centrolenidae) andO. phyllomedusae Metcalf, 1923 (status amend.) in one of twoPhyllomedusa hipocondrialis (Hylidae) both from Villavicencio (Meta). Metcalf's Neotropical species ofOpalina are reviewed. 

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