Oocyte morphology in dominant and subordinate follicles.

  title={Oocyte morphology in dominant and subordinate follicles.},
  author={R. J. Assey and Poul Maddox Hyttel and Torben Greve and B Purwantara},
  journal={Molecular reproduction and development},
  volume={37 3},
The structure of oocytes aspirated from the dominant and its subordinate follicles was investigated from the achievement of follicular dominance to ovulation. Ovulation was induced in 18 heifers and 5 cows by injection of cloprostenol at days 8-14 (day 0 = day of ovulation), and follicular development was monitored by ultrasonography. The animals were slaughtered at days 3-11, but animals slaughtered on days 8-11 were given a second injection of cloprostenol at day 7 to allow ovulation of the… CONTINUE READING