Oocyte maturation.

  title={Oocyte maturation.},
  author={Alan O. Trounson and Cleola Anderiesz and Gayle M Jones and Andreas Kausche and Nick Lolatgis and Carl Wood},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={13 Suppl 3},
  pages={52-62; discussion 71-5}
Primary oocytes recovered from small and growing follicles of > or = 3 mm in the ovaries of untreated women, can be matured in vitro, will fertilize and develop in vitro, and when transferred to the patient, develop to term. However, the implantation rate of cleaved embryos has been disappointingly low and when embryos are allowed to develop beyond the 4-cell in vitro, retardation of development and blockage is frequently observed, with relatively few embryos developing to blastocysts. We have… CONTINUE READING


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