Oocyte-expressed TGF-beta superfamily members in female fertility.

  title={Oocyte-expressed TGF-beta superfamily members in female fertility.},
  author={Julia A. Elvin and Changning Yan and Martin M. Matzuk},
  journal={Molecular and cellular endocrinology},
  volume={159 1-2},
Folliculogenesis is regulated by the interplay of extraovarian and intraovarian factors, and the importance of each type of regulation varies depending on the developmental stage of the follicle. Preantral follicle development is regulated predominantly by factors produced locally within the ovary and within the follicle itself. The oocyte has been shown to produce soluble factor(s), which regulate a number of processes in follicular development, including cumulus expansion in the periovulatory… CONTINUE READING


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