Oocyte donation in 61 patients.

  title={Oocyte donation in 61 patients.},
  author={Paul Serhal and Ian L. Craft},
  volume={1 8648},
Oocyte donation was performed by gamete intrafallopian transfer in 61 women, 34 of whom were amenorrhoeic. The mean age of the donors was 32 years (range 23-38). Seventy-five treatment cycles gave 29 clinical pregnancies, of which 21 reached term, 3 continue, and 5 were lost (3 miscarriages, 1 tubal, and 1 cervical). 11 (38%) of the women who became pregnant were over 42 years old. When more than four oocytes were transferred, many of the pregnancies were multiple. 8 (38%) of the pregnancies… CONTINUE READING
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