Ontology to Improve CBIR System

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@inproceedings{Gudewar2012OntologyTI, title={Ontology to Improve CBIR System}, author={Ashwini D. Gudewar and L. R. Ragha and Ying Liu and Dengsheng Zhang and G Q Max Lu and Wei Ying Ma and Asmita Deshmukh and Gargi Phadke and Swati S. Sakhare and Vrushali G. Nasre and Dipti Jadhav and Satish Devane and Yuee Liu and Jinglan Zhang and Adrian Popescu and Christophe Millet and Vasileios Mezaris and Michael G. Strintzis and Tsun-Wei Chang and Yo-Ping Huang and Frode Eika Sandnes}, year={2012} }