Ontology-based Data Access: A Study through Disjunctive Datalog, CSP, and MMSNP


<i>Ontology-based data access</i> is concerned with querying incomplete data sources in the presence of domain-specific knowledge provided by an ontology. A central notion in this setting is that of an <i>ontology-mediated query</i>, which is a database query coupled with an ontology. In this paper, we study several classes of ontology-mediated queries, where the database queries are given as some form of conjunctive query and the ontologies are formulated in description logics or other relevant fragments of first-order logic, such as the guarded fragment and the unary-negation fragment. The contributions of the paper are three-fold. First, we characterize the expressive power of ontology-mediated queries in terms of fragments of disjunctive datalog. Second, we establish intimate connections between ontology-mediated queries and constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) and their logical generalization, MMSNP formulas. Third, we exploit these connections to obtain new results regarding (i) first-order rewritability and datalog-rewritability of ontology-mediated queries, (ii) P/NP dichotomies for ontology-mediated queries, and (iii) the query containment problem for ontology-mediated queries.

DOI: 10.1145/2463664.2465223

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