Ontology Alignment using combined similarity method and matching method


Ontology Alignment or Ontology Matching is used to identify entities contained in two ontologies or more, that have similar or matching. Ontology Alignment can determine a relationship between two ontologies or more. There has been several tools that can be used for Ontology Alignment. Ontology Alignment is widely use in finding similar entities in bibliography created by Bibtex and IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). Bibliography is writing in detail about the identity of an article such as books and journals. It is very important to know the differences and similarities between Bibliography format. It aims when changing one format Bibliography to another format should not change the overall. In this research, we combine several similarity methods and Brute Force String matching method to produce a better Ontology Alignment result. The results showed that the proposed method outperform the previous method. And the results of Ontology Alignment showed that between Ontology BibTex and IFLA has a relationship. This is evidenced by several entities of both Ontology are matching.

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