Ontology Alignment and Applications in 90 Minutes


In this paper, we describe the structure and outline the content of a short tutorial on Ontology Alignment. The tutorial is planned in three parts within an overall timeframe of 90 minutes. Part 1 covers the fundamentals of ontology alignment and offers basic definitions, problem statements and problem classification based on the span, dynamics, direction, and distribution settings. This material is illustrated by: (i) using a walkthrough example of two elementary ontologies in Bibliographics domain; and (ii) offering a deeper discussion of one of the exemplar problems of ontology alignment – ontology instance migration – which has a practical utility for real world applications. The second part presents a software solution for ontology instance migration problem. The solution is demonstrated on the pair of Bibliographic ontologies of our walkthrough example. Part 3 puts ontology alignment in the context of several categories of applications which are important for the industries and the knowledge economy as a whole. The applications of ontology alignment in those categories are overviewed and requirements to the solutions are extracted.

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