Ontologies Integration for University Institutions: Approach to an Alignment Evaluation


Knowledge representation for specific dominions through ontologies has received great interest, although it is no yet evident an appropriate integration of sub-dominions that contemplate complementary spaces of interpretation. From ontology of dominion of university institutions developed by the authors, it is tried to improve that supported on integration strategic tools. A methodological variant suggested by APFEL is tested, under the context of FOAM incorporated in protege-PROMPT. This proposal considers the systemic quality cube as a reference framework to determine the proportions to the quality of the process and product of incremental integration when "adding and/or adapting" significant semantic and logics, "from the excellent knowledge" from the experts. They were taken from other two public ontologies about the similar domains developed by other ones. A partial evaluation of the resulting ontology was made combining technical of validation complemented with the visual interaction experts through a process based on the support-cognitive paradigm.

DOI: 10.1109/ASWEC.2008.45

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