Ontogeny of polycose and sucrose appetite in neonatal rats.

  title={Ontogeny of polycose and sucrose appetite in neonatal rats.},
  author={M Vigorito and Anthony Sclafani},
  journal={Developmental psychobiology},
  volume={21 5},
Rat pups 3 to 15 days of age were infused with sucrose or Polycose solutions (.03 or .3 M) through oral cannulas and their solution intake, mouthing behavior, and general locomotor activity were recorded. Overall, the pups displayed similar ingestive responses to Polycose and sucrose. They discriminated between .3 M sucrose and water as early as 6-days of age, and between .3 M Polycose and water as early as 9-days of age. However, at the .03 M concentration the pups responded to Polycose before… CONTINUE READING

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