Ontogeny of membrane and soluble amino-oligopeptidases in rat intestine.

  title={Ontogeny of membrane and soluble amino-oligopeptidases in rat intestine.},
  author={Ann Reisenauer and Edward. A. Lee and Ricardo O. Castillo},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={262 1 Pt 1},
Intestinal amino-oligopeptidase (AOP) plays an essential role in protein digestion. To characterize its postnatal development, we measured AOP activity in intestinal membrane and cytosolic fractions in suckling and weaned rats, compared the subunit structures of the membrane and soluble enzymes, and assessed the biochemical relationship of these peptidases. At weaning, jejunal membrane AOP activity doubled while soluble AOP activity in the ileum fell abruptly. The maturational increase in the… CONTINUE READING

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