Ontario familial colon cancer registry: methods and first-year response rates.

  title={Ontario familial colon cancer registry: methods and first-year response rates.},
  author={Michelle Cotterchio and Gail Elizabeth McKeown-Eyssen and H R Sutherland and Glenn Buchan and M. R. Aronson and Alexandra M Easson and J. Macey and Eric J. Holowaty and Steven Gallinger},
  journal={Chronic diseases in Canada},
  volume={21 2},
The Ontario Familial Colon Cancer Registry (OFCCR) is a novel registry that collects family history information, epidemiologic data, blood samples and tumour specimens from a population-based sample of colorectal cancer patients and their families. Families are classified as either high familial risk, intermediate familial/other risk or low (sporadic) risk for colorectal cancer. Obtaining high response rates in genetic family studies is especially challenging because of both the time commitment… CONTINUE READING
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