Onset of Lasing in Small Devices: The Identification of the First Threshold through Autocorrelation Resonance

  title={Onset of Lasing in Small Devices: The Identification of the First Threshold through Autocorrelation Resonance},
  author={Tao Wang and Gian Piero Puccioni and Gian Luca Lippi},
  journal={Annalen der Physik},
A simple technique for identifying the onset of coherent emission in mesoscale lasers, which makes use of a small‐amplitude modulation added to the pump, is introduced. The optimal modulation frequency is obtained from the radio‐frequency power spectrum of the unperturbed laser emission. The identification of the lasing onset rests on the appearance of a resonance in the experimentally measured zero‐order autocorrelation function (g(2)(0)) plotted as a function of the pump rate. Numerical proof… 
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