Onset-age of bipolar disorders at six international sites.

  title={Onset-age of bipolar disorders at six international sites.},
  author={Ross J. Baldessarini and Lorenza Bolzani and N{\'u}ria Cruz and P. B. Jones and Meng-Chuan Lai and Beatrice Lepri and Josefina P{\'e}rez and Paola Salvatore and Mauricio Tohen and Leonardo Tondo and Eduard Vieta},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={121 1-2},
BACKGROUND Onset-age is a stable characteristic of bipolar disorder (BPD) patients of clinical and probable psychobiological importance, but large pooled clinical samples from multiple sites employing modern diagnostic criteria to quantify onset-age remain rare. METHODS We pooled diagnostic, demographic, and clinical data from 1566 BPD patients from six international sites (5 European, 1 US) to compare onset-ages in subgroups. RESULTS Median+/-IQR onset in 1090 BP-I patients was 5.8 years… CONTINUE READING