Online data analysis system of the INTEGRAL telescope

  title={Online data analysis system of the INTEGRAL telescope},
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In more than 17 years of operation in space INTEGRAL telescope has accumulated large data set that contains records of hard X-ray and soft gamma-ray astronomical sources. These data can be re-used in the context of multi-wavelength or multi-messenger studies of astronomical sources and have to be preserved on long time scales. We present a scientific validation of an interactive online INTEGRAL data analysis system, which generates publication-quality high-level data products: sky images… 
Analysis powered by provenance data model
I present the architecture of the backend of Online Data Analysis (ODA) platform, developed at Common Data Center Infrastructure of UniGE to facilitate reduction and analytics of astronomical data.
Hunting for elusive multi-messenger transients with INTEGRAL
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  • Proceedings of The New Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics — PoS(Asterics2019)
  • 2019
Recent years were marked by breakthrough observations of new multi-messenger and multiwavelength transients, often unveiling unanticipated and puzzling phenomena. Likely associated with most


2020a, PoS, Asterics2019, 072 Savchenko, V. 2020b, Inter-OSA Rate Normalization for INTEGRAL ISGRI
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INTEGRAL Discovery of a Burst with Associated Radio Emission from the Magnetar SGR 1935+2154
We report on INTEGRAL observations of the soft $\gamma$-ray repeater SGR 1935+2154 performed between 2020 April 28 and May 3. Several short bursts with fluence of $\sim10^{-7}-10^{-6}$ erg cm$^{-2}$
Inter-OSA Rate Normalization for INTEGRAL ISGRI
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Data Provenance
  • V. Sorathia
  • Computer Science
    Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining
  • 2009
The present article is focused only on Data Provenance, a special type of service that can address the issues like: explication of licensing & Intellectual Property Rights, standards based automated generation of metadata, data provenance, archival and peer-review.
Data Provenance (Boston, MA: Springer US)
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Data Provenance (Boston, MA: Springer US)
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