Online Social Network Site Addiction: A Comprehensive Review

  title={Online Social Network Site Addiction: A Comprehensive Review},
  author={Cecilie Schou Andreassen},
  journal={Current Addiction Reports},
Research into online social network site (SNS) addiction (i.e., excessive and compulsive online social networking) has expanded over the last years. This paper aims to give a review of this research. Although not formally recognized as a diagnosis, SNS addiction shares many similarities with those of other addictions, including tolerance, withdrawal, conflict, salience, relapse, and mood modification. Several screening instruments to identify SNS addicts have been developed—approaching the… 

Social Networking Sites and Addiction: Ten Lessons Learned

  • D. KussM. Griffiths
  • Psychology
    International journal of environmental research and public health
  • 2017
10 lessons learned concerning online social networking sites and addiction based on the insights derived from recent empirical research will be presented and recommendations for research and clinical applications are provided.

Beyond "Facebook Addiction": The Role of Cognitive-Related Factors and Psychiatric Distress in Social Networking Site Addiction

The results indicated that FoMo significantly predicted SNS addiction and accounted for about 61% of the total variance in S NS addiction, with FoMo providing the strongest predictive contribution over and above the effects of sociodemographic variables and patterns of SNS use.

The contributions of social comparison to social network site addiction

The findings suggest that SNS addiction closely relates to psychological constructs relevant to social comparison, mediates the link between social comparison of ability and detrimental consequences (i.e., stress, well-being) and demonstrate how social comparison emotions relate to both positive and negative associations between S NS addiction and self-esteem.

Social Networking Addiction Scale

Abstract Social networking is the new norm of the society as many of us remain “online” 24*7. However, excessive use of it would result in social networking addiction. There are some existing tools

Investigating the differential effects of social networking site addiction and Internet gaming disorder on psychological health

  • H. Pontes
  • Psychology
    Journal of behavioral addictions
  • 2017
It was found that key demographic variables can play a distinct role in explaining SNS addiction and IGD and can augment the symptoms of each other, and simultaneously contribute to deterioration of overall psychological health in a similar fashion.

Exploring Individual Differences in Online Addictions: the Role of Identity and Attachment

The findings showed that addictions to the internet, online gaming, and social media were interrelated and were predicted by common underlying risk and protective factors.

Social Network Addiction and Its Impact on Anxiety Level among University Students

Despite the obvious favorable effects of social networking sites, there is a risk of developing behavioral addictions. This study aims to analyze addiction to social networks and its relationship

Is it meaningful to distinguish between Facebook addiction and social networking sites addiction? Psychometric analysis of Facebook addiction and social networking sites addiction scales

Studies conducted on Social Networking Sites (SNSs) addiction have to a large extent focused on Facebook as a prototypical example of SNS. Nonetheless, the evolution of SNSs has spawn conceptual and



Social network site addiction - an overview.

The research on this topic is in its infancy, and as such the SNS-addiction construct needs further conceptual and empirical exploration, and there is a great demand for studies using careful longitudinal designs and studies which include objective measures of both behavior and health based on broad representative samples.


Nowadays, the Internet is a necessary communication tool that has emerged in the field of information and communication technology and has positively impacted almost all aspects of human life. This

Why Do I Keep Checking Facebook: Effects of Message Characteristics On the Formation of Social Network Services Addiction

This study defines the new concept of Social Network Services (SNS) addiction, and claims that it is different from other online addictions studied before, and gives a reasonable explanation for the formation of SNS addiction.

[Addiction to new technologies and to online social networking in young people: A new challenge].

More research is required on the enhancement of motivation for treatment and the types of brief intervention available in relation to the problematic use of Internet among young people, as well as the problems as yet unsolved.

Psychological risk factors of addiction to social networking sites among Chinese smartphone users

Psychological factors provide a better account for addictive tendencies towards SNSs among Chinese smartphone users in Macau, and the three psychological risk factors were low Internet self-efficacy, favorable outcome expectancies, and high impulsivity trait.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Internet Addicts: Treatment Outcomes and Implications

  • K. Young
  • Psychology
    Cyberpsychology Behav. Soc. Netw.
  • 2007
Investigation of the efficacy of using CBT with Internet addicts suggested that Caucasian, middle-aged males with at least a 4-year degree were most likely to suffer from some form of Internet addiction.

A New Addiction for Teacher Candidates: Social Networks

With the transition to being a knowledge-based society, the internet usage has become an irreplaceable part of life. As socials networks have come into our lives, the internet usage has taken a

The uses and abuses of Facebook: A review of Facebook addiction

There is some evidence to support the argument that uses and gratifications of Facebook are linked with Facebook addiction, but inconsistency in the measurement of this condition limits the ability to provide conclusive arguments.