Online Reconfigurable Control Software for IEDs


The future energy system has to satisfy a continuously growing demand for electricity and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fulfilling such diverse needs requires the integration of renewable energy resources on a large scale. However, the existing information and communication infrastructure controlling the corresponding power grids and components is not directly designed to master the ever increasing complexity. An upcoming requirement is the need for the functional adaption of the control systems during operation. The main aim of this article is to discuss and analyze requirements as well as to introduce a standard-compliant concept for a reconfigurable software architecture used in intelligent electronic devices for distributed and renewable energy resources. A simulation case study shows the applicability of this approach. A secure adaptation of the functional structure and the corresponding algorithms in device controllers can substantially contribute to a more efficient energy system, while at the same time responding to future needs.

DOI: 10.1109/TII.2013.2247045

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@article{Strasser2013OnlineRC, title={Online Reconfigurable Control Software for IEDs}, author={Thomas I. Strasser and Filip Andren and Felix Lehfuss and Matthias Stifter and Peter Palensky}, journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics}, year={2013}, volume={9}, pages={1455-1465} }