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Online Packing and Covering Framework with Convex Objectives

  title={Online Packing and Covering Framework with Convex Objectives},
  author={Niv Buchbinder and Shahar Chen and Anupam Gupta and Viswanath Nagarajan and Joseph Naor},
We consider online fractional covering problems with a convex objective, where the covering constraints arrive over time. Formally, we want to solve $\min\,\{f(x) \mid Ax\ge \mathbf{1},\, x\ge 0\},$ where the objective function $f:\mathbb{R}^n\rightarrow \mathbb{R}$ is convex, and the constraint matrix $A_{m\times n}$ is non-negative. The rows of $A$ arrive online over time, and we wish to maintain a feasible solution $x$ at all times while only increasing coordinates of $x$. We also consider… 

Online Convex Covering and Packing Problems

For any convex polynomial cost functions with non-negative coefficients and maximum degree $\tau$, an O(\tau \log n)^\tau$-competitive online convex covering algorithm, and an O(tau)-competitiveOnline convex packing algorithm are introduced, matching the known $\Omega(\Tau)$ and $Omega(n)$ lower bounds respectively.

Online covering with $$\ell _q$$ℓq-norm objectives and applications to network design

An improved online algorithm for non-uniform buy-at-bulk network design and a poly-logarithmic competitive ratio for throughput maximization under ℓp-norm capacities are obtained.

Online Covering with Sum of $\ell_q$-Norm Objectives

Improved online algorithms for non-uniform buy-at-bulk network design and the first online algorithm for throughput maximization under $\ell_p$-norm edge capacities are obtained.

Online Algorithms for Covering and Packing Problems with Convex Objectives

A primal-dual approach is used to give online algorithms for covering and packing problems with (non-linear) convex objectives, and these algorithms are used to simplify, unify, and improve upon previous results for several applications.

Covering with Sum of l q-Norm Objectives

Improved online algorithms for non-uniform buy-at-bulk network design and the first online algorithm for throughput maximization under lp-norm edge capacities are obtained.

D S ] 1 4 A pr 2 01 5 Online Convex Covering and Packing Problems

We study the online convex covering problem and online convex packing problem. The (offline) convex covering problem is modeled by the following convex program: min ~ x∈Rn+ f(~x) s.t. A~x ≥ ~1 where

Worst Case Competitive Analysis of Online Algorithms for Conic Optimization

This work derives a sufficient condition on the objective function that guarantees a constant worst case competitive ratio (greater than or equal to $\frac{1}{2}$) for monotone objective functions, and hence design effective smoothing customized for a given cost function.

Designing smoothing functions for improved worst-case competitive ratio in online optimization

The worst case competitive ratio of two primal-dual algorithms for a class of online convex (conic) optimization problems is analyzed and it is shown that the optimal smoothing can be derived by solving a convex optimization problem.

Online and Random-order Load Balancing Simultaneously

This paper provides algorithms with simultaneous guarantees for the worst-case model as well as for the random-order model, where an arbitrary set of jobs comes in random order, and proposes algorithm SimultaneousLB, a new algorithm with improved regret for Online Linear Optimization over the non-negative vectors in the lq ball.

Convex Program Duality, Fisher Markets, and Nash Social Welfare

A formal connection is shown between the convex programs of Eisenberg and Gale and Shmyrev, namely that their duals are equivalent up to a change of variables, and a particularly simple way of obtaining dual programs is shown, putting it almost at par with linear program duality.



Approximating Sparse Covering Integer Programs Online

The previous approaches, which either only raise dual variables, or lower duals only within a guess-and-double framework, cannot give a performance better than O(logn), even when each constraint only has a single variable.

Online Covering with Convex Objectives and Applications

This work gives an algorithmic framework for minimizing general convex objectives over a set of covering constraints that arrive online and adapts the two-phase approach of obtaining a fractional solution and then rounding it online to the non-linear objective.

Online Mixed Packing and Covering

This work demonstrates that the classical framework of solving optimization problems by obtaining a fractional solution to a linear program and rounding it to an integer solution can be extended to the online setting using primal-dual techniques and obtains the first algorithm that obtains a polylogarithmic competitive ratio for solving mixed LPs online.

Online Primal-Dual Algorithms for Covering and Packing

This work provides general deterministic primal-dual algorithms for online fractional covering and packing problems and also provides deterministic algorithms for several integral online covering andpacking problems.

Welfare Maximization with Production Costs: A Primal Dual Approach

It is shown that online posted pricing mechanisms, which are incentive compatible, can achieve competitive ratios arbitrarily close to the optimal, and construct lower bound instances on which no online algorithms, not necessarily incentivecompatible, can do better.

Online Set Cover with Set Requests

We consider a generic online allocation problem that generalizes the classical online set cover framework by considering requests comprising a set of elements rather than a single element. This

Welfare and Profit Maximization with Production Costs

This work begins the study of the algorithmic mechanism design problem of combinatorial pricing under increasing marginal cost, and gives algorithms that achieve constant factor approximations for a class of natural cost functions -- linear, low-degree polynomial, logarithmic -- and that give logariths for more general increasingmarginal cost functions.

A general approach to online network optimization problems

These algorithms are based on a unified framework for designing online algorithms for problems involving connectivity and cuts, and present a deterministic algorithm for generating fractional solution that satisfies the online connectivity or cut demands, where m is the number of edges in the graph.

The online set cover problem

An O(log n log m/log log m + log log n) competitive deterministic algorithm for the set cover problem is presented, and a nearly matching lower bound for all interesting values of m and n is established.

Online Primal-Dual for Non-linear Optimization with Applications to Speed Scaling

This analysis shows that competitive algorithms exist for problems that had resisted analysis using the dominant potential function approach in the speed-scaling literature, and provides alternate cleaner analysis for other known results.