Online Hybrid Model for Online Fraud Prevention and Detection

  title={Online Hybrid Model for Online Fraud Prevention and Detection},
  author={Ankit Mundra and Nitin Rakesh},
The current trend of online business enables better and faster service for users and makes it more profitable for merchants. On the other side, the Internet has become the most popular platform for fraudsters to commit online fraud with ease. Several solutions have been proposed in the literature to overcome these online frauds. But, complete and efficient way out from this problem is still in research. In this paper, we have proposed online hybrid model (OHM) which extensively prevents the… Expand
Enhanced Online Hybrid Model for Online Fraud Prevention and Detection
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Empirical study of online hybrid model for internet frauds prevention and detection
The robustness of various OHM modules is shown in terms of logical design and their operational interaction and it is shown that OHM is highly effective online fraud prevention/detection/elimination approach. Expand
Online Hybrid Model for Fraud Prevention (OHM-P): Implementation and Performance Evaluation
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A dynamic stage-based fraud monitoring framework of multiple live auctions
A stage-based framework to monitor multiple live auctions for In-Auction Fraud (IAF) with a dynamic agent architecture where multiple monitoring agents can be created and deleted with respect to the status of their corresponding auctions (initialized, completed or cancelled). Expand
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Problem Reduction in Online Payment System Using Hybrid Model
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Intelligent Techniques for E-Commerce
  • B. Prasad
  • Computer Science, Economics
  • J. Electron. Commer. Res.
  • 2003
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Shill Bidding in English Auctions
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National White Collar crime center: Report on Internet fraud, whitepapers/internet_fraud.pdf?sfvrsn=7
  • National White Collar crime center: Report on Internet fraud, whitepapers/internet_fraud.pdf?sfvrsn=7
  • 2008