Online Coming-Out Communications Between Gay Men and Their Religious Family Allies: A Family of Choice and Origin Perspective

  title={Online Coming-Out Communications Between Gay Men and Their Religious Family Allies: A Family of Choice and Origin Perspective},
  author={Chana Etengoff and Colette Daiute},
  journal={Journal of GLBT Family Studies},
  pages={278 - 304}
Gay men use social networking sites and blogs more than heterosexual men (Harris, 2010). However, little is known about how they communicate online while coming out. Yet, coming out often results in a loss of social support for gay youths from religious backgrounds, suggesting that alternative supports such as families of choice and online networks may be particularly beneficial (Saltzburg, 2007). The present study addresses this gap by focusing on how gay emerging adults (N = 23) and their… 

Gay men's experiences coming out online: A qualitative study

ABSTRACT The current study employed qualitative methodology to investigate the experiences of 12 gay men who came out online, using Facebook. Analysis of coding data yielded several key themes.

“A Question Everybody Danced Around”: Gay Men Making Sense of Their Identities in Christian Colleges

Despite broader social changes in attitudes and policies regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people, the space available for gay students to develop and express their

Petitioning for Social Change: Letters to Religious Leaders From Gay Men and Their Family Allies

Gay men and their family allies from Christian and Jewish communities wrote letters to religious leaders regarding current sexual minority policies and whether they should change or remain the same, providing new conceptual structures for participatory research efforts, policy initiatives, and clinical applications.

Gay Men’s and Their Religiously Conservative Family Allies’ Scriptural Engagement

The present study offered a mixed-methods analysis of the scriptural interpretation strategies of 23 gay men and 15 of their family allies from conservative Christian and Modern-Orthodox Jewish

Conventional and Cutting-Edge: Definitions of Family in LGBT Communities

This paper uses data from a study of 105 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to examine conceptions of family in LGBT communities. Respondents were asked how they would define

A Quantitative Examination of Identity Integration in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual People of Faith

The present study conducted a retrospective secondary data analysis of 750 GLB individuals from the Northern California Health Study to quantitatively assess sexual orientation and religion/spirituality integration using hierarchical cluster analysis.

Praying for Inclusion: Gay Men’s Experiences on Religious College Campuses

  • C. Etengoff
  • Education
    Journal of College Student Psychotherapy
  • 2020
ABSTRACT Research on sexual minorities’ religious experiences largely focuses on faith-based challenges/supports, family dynamics, and identity conflicts – yet, there is limited research studying how

Bisexual Indonesian Men’s Experiences of Islam, the Quran and Allah: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Spiritual Resistance

Abstract Many Muslim men with same-sex sexualities experience tensions between their sexual/religious identities. However, few inquiries address how bisexual Muslim men grow and develop amidst

Same-Sex Attraction Disclosure and Sexual Communication Topics within Families

Most participants identified mothers, sisters, and female cousins, with male SMs having the highest number of disclosures to family members, whereas female and non-binary SMs confided in fewer family members or no one.

LGBTQ Relationships: Families of Origin, Same-Sex Couples, and Parenting

This chapter provides an overview of research regarding the familial and romantic relationships of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals. The topic of families of origin,



Gay and lesbian Christians : Homosexual and religious identity integration in the members and participants of a gay-positive Church

In this study we explore individual 's experiences of identity integration between their sexual orientation and religious beliefs. Using both qualitative and quantitative research methods, we

Family Members' Uses of Religion in Post-Coming-Out Conflicts With Their Gay Relative

Religion often creates cultural meaning for interpersonal relations as individuals and societies develop interactively (Etengoff & Daiute, 2013). Religious tools, such as God and texts, have

"Lesbians, gay men, and their parents": a critique of LaSala and the prevailing clinical "wisdom".

It is argued that decisions to come out to family-of-origin members are constrained by "realistic" costs/benefits in various sociocultural niches rather than being a simple function of individuals' levels of differentiation.

“The Priest Obviously Doesn't Know That I'm Gay”: The Religious and Spiritual Journeys of Latino Gay Men

The role of religiosity in the life course of Latino GBTs raised as Catholics in Chicago and San Francisco found participants engaging in a remedial ideological work to reconcile their religious values and their identity.

Information-Seeking Practices during the Sexual Development of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals: The Influence and Effects of Coming Out in a Mediated Environment

Constructing a sexual identity is one of the major developmental tasks of adolescence. Applying the Media Practice Model, this study retrospectively examines how self-identifying lesbian, gay, and

African American Gay Youth and Their Families: Redefining Masculinity, Coping with Racism and Homophobia

The findings of this small, exploratory qualitative study of young African American gay men and their parents, combined with the extant theoretical literature, describes the unique challenges facing

The discovery that an offspring is gay: parents', gay men's, and lesbians' perspectives.

It is found that ensuring that parents do not learn about homosexuality while finding out that their child is gay potentially eases parents' adjustment to the discovery and thus may also improve the emotional dynamics within the family.

Parental reactions to their child's disclosure of a gay/lesbian identity.

Parental Reactions to Their Child's Disclosure of a Gay/Lesbian Identity* Ritch C. Savin-Williams** and Eric M. Dube Popular culture writers have proposed a developmental sequence of stages that

To Be Jewish and Lesbian: An Exploration of Religion, Sexual Identity, and Familial Relationships

Research is limited when it comes to religion and the lives of sexual minority individuals, including Jewish lesbians. Symbolic interactionism and social exchange theory guided the development of

The Voices of Accepting and Supportive Parents of Gay Sons

Abstract In order to uncover personal attributes and systemic influences involved in being accepting and supportive of their sons' gay identities, 14 members of a chapter of Parents and Friends of