OneLab: Major computer networking testbeds open to the IEEE INFOCOM community


The IEEE INFOCOM community has looked to large-scale computer networking testbeds such as PlanetLab, Emulab, and ORBIT to fulfill an essential role in the testing and validation of innovative ideas. Until very recently, testbeds such as these have existed in separate silos, each with its own authentication mechanisms and experiment support tools. The OneLab experimental facility breaks down the barriers between such silos, making a set of world-class testbeds freely available to researchers through a unique credential for each user and a common set of tools. Via the MySlice portal technology, users can browse and reserve resources across platforms that include FIT IoT-Lab, CorteXlab, NITLab, FIT NITOS-Lab and PlanetLab Europe (PLE), that together provide thousands of nodes for experimentation. We describe the resources offered by the OneLab platforms, and illustrate how any member of the INFOCOM community can create an account and start using these platforms today.

DOI: 10.1109/INFCOMW.2015.7179314

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