One-way phonon isolation in acoustic waveguides

  title={One-way phonon isolation in acoustic waveguides},
  author={Mehdi B. Zanjani and Arthur R. Davoyan and Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud and Nader Engheta and Jennifer R. Lukes},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
We present a method to achieve one-way phonon isolation in acoustic waveguides by considering spatio-temporal modulation of material properties. One-way conversion between symmetric and antisymmetric shear horizontal modes of an unbounded plate acoustic waveguide is numerically demonstrated using this method. Analytical and numerical evidence for the possibility of mode conversion is presented. Possible experimental implementation and applications for on-chip signal isolation in MEMS devices… 

NEMS With Broken T Symmetry: Graphene Based Unidirectional Acoustic Transmission Lines

A theoretical study showing that one-way conversion between in-phase and anti-phase vibrational modes of a double layer graphene nanoribbon is achieved by introducing spatio-temporal modulation of system properties.

Acoustic one-way mode conversion and transmission by sonic crystal waveguides

We proposed a scheme to achieve one-way acoustic propagation and even–odd mode switching in two mutually perpendicular sonic crystal waveguides connected by a resonant cavity. The even mode in the

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We report the realization of a multi-band device of the asymmetric acoustic transmission by placing a phononic crystal inside a bended waveguide immersed in water, as determined both experimentally

Acoustic topological one-way waveguides with tunable widths using spinning components

  • Neng Wang
  • Physics
    Journal of Physics Communications
  • 2022
We propose the topological one-way waveguide for acoustic waves whose width can be flexibly adjusted. The waveguide is constructed by a heterostructure where an ordinary phononic crystal is

Design of non-reciprocal acoustic waveguides by indirect interband transitions

We numerically demonstrate a non-reciprocal acoustic waveguide by utilizing the indirect interband transition between two guided modes. The waveguide, consisting of a water core sandwiched between

Acoustic one-way open tunnel by using metasurface

We design and experimentally demonstrate an acoustic tunnel completely open for substances like fluids or other energy fluxes to exchange while allowing sound to pass only in one direction. This

Phonoritonic Crystals with a Synthetic Magnetic Field for an Acoustic Diode.

It is shown that phonoritons exhibit the pumping-induced synthetic magnetic field in the artificial "coordinate-energy" space that makes transmission of left- and right- going waves different.

Asymmetric acoustic transmission in multiple frequency bands

We report both experimentally and numerically that the multi-band device of the asymmetric acoustic transmission is realized by placing two periodic gratings with different periods on both sides of



Piezoelectric resonator arrays for tunable acoustic waveguides and metamaterials

One of the outstanding challenges in phononic crystals and acoustic metamaterials development is the ability to tune their performance without requiring structural modifications. We report on the

Asymmetric acoustic gratings

The unidirectional transmission of acoustic waves is realized by a simple geometrically asymmetric steel grating structure. This exotic phenomenon stems from the one-way diffraction effect induced by

Tunable unidirectional sound propagation through a sonic-crystal-based acoustic diode.

Different from nonreciprocity due to the nonlinear acoustic effect and broken time reversal symmetry, this new model leads to a one-way effect with higher efficiency, broader bandwidth, and much less power consumption, showing promising applications in various sound devices.

Electrically driven nonreciprocity induced by interband photonic transition on a silicon chip.

By achieving an indirect interband photonic transition, it is shown that the transmission coefficients between two single-mode waveguides become dependent on the propagation directions only in the presence of the electrical drive.

Acoustic wave transmission in time-varying phononic crystals

Phononic crystal effects are typically narrowband and highly dependent on the size and spacing of the scatterers within the crystal—properties that are fixed and unchangeable. We propose that it may

Acoustic diode: rectification of acoustic energy flux in one-dimensional systems.

A simple one-dimensional model of an acoustic diode formed by coupling a superlattice with a strongly nonlinear medium is numerically demonstrated and the effectiveness of theoustic diode is proved despite its simplicity.

Phononic plate waves

A review of recent works related to phononic plate waves and the design and fabrication of a silicon-based Lamb wave resonator which utilizes PC plates as reflective gratings to form the resonant cavity are discussed.

Reduction in the thermal conductivity of single crystalline silicon by phononic crystal patterning.

The measured thermal conductivity of a series of single crystalline silicon PnCs is much smaller than that predicted by only accounting for boundary scattering at the interfaces of the PnC lattice, indicating that coherent phononic effects are causing an additional reduction to the cross plane thermal Conductivity.

Complete optical isolation created by indirect interband photonic transitions

Achieving on-chip optical signal isolation is a fundamental difficulty in integrated photonics [1]. The need to overcome this difficulty, moreover, is becoming increasingly urgent, especially with

LiNbO3 acousto-optical and electro-optical micromodulators

We report on acousto-optical (AO) and electro-optical (EO) LiNbO3 modulators with an active length of only 11 µm. The miniature devices are based on photonic crystal (PhC) structures that are