One-vortex moduli space and Ricci flow

  title={One-vortex moduli space and Ricci flow},
  author={N. S. Manton},
  journal={Journal of Geometry and Physics},
  • N. Manton
  • Published 2 May 2008
  • Physics
  • Journal of Geometry and Physics

The geometry of the space of vortices on a two-sphere in the Bradlow limit

It is proved that the normalized L 2 metric on the moduli space of n -vortices on a two-sphere, endowed with any Riemannian metric, converges uniformly in the Bradlow limit to the Fubini-Study

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Vortex Motion on Surfaces of Small Curvature

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We analyse second order (in Riemann curvature) geometric flows (un-normalised) on locally homogeneous three manifolds and look for specific features through the solutions (analytic wherever possible,

Bergman kernel on Riemann surfaces and Kähler metric on symmetric products

Let [Formula: see text] be a compact hyperbolic Riemann surface equipped with the Poincaré metric. For any integer [Formula: see text], we investigate the Bergman kernel associated to the holomorphic

Higher winding strings and confined monopoles in N=2 supersymmetric QCD

We consider composite string solutions in N=2 SQCD with the gauge group U(N), the Fayet-Iliopoulos term {xi}{ne}0 and N (s)quark flavors. These bulk theories support non-Abelian strings and confined

Ricci flow of unwarped and warped product manifolds

We analyse Ricci flow (normalised/un-normalised) of product manifolds --unwarped as well as warped, through a study of generic examples. First, we investigate such flows for the unwarped scenario


Abstract There are described equations for a pair comprising a Riemannian metric and a Killing field on a surface that contain as special cases the Einstein Weyl equations (in the sense of D.

A pr 2 01 0 ITFA-2010-09 On the L 2-metric of vortex moduli spaces

  • 2010



Vortices and flat connections

Volume of Vortex Moduli Spaces

Abstract:A gas of N Bogomol'nyi vortices in the Abelian Higgs model is studied on a compact Riemann surface of genus g and area A. The volume of the moduli space is computed and found to depend on N,

Vortices in holomorphic line bundles over closed Kähler manifolds

We apply a modified Yang-Mills-Higgs functional to unitary bundles over closed Kähler manifolds and study the equations which govern the global minima. The solutions represent vortices in holomorphic

Low‐velocity scattering of vortices in a modified Abelian Higgs model

The moduli space metric for hyperbolic vortices is constructed, and their slow motion scattering is calculated in terms of geodesics in this space.

Vortex scattering

The geodesic approximation to vortex dynamics in the critically coupled abelian Higgs model is studied. The metric on vortex moduli space is shown to be Kähler and a scheme for its numerical

Dynamics of critical vortices on the torus and on the plane

We use the Bradlow parameter expansion to construct the metric tensor in the space of solutions of the Bogomolny equations for the Abelian Higgs model on a two-dimensional torus. Using this metric we

A remark on the scattering of BPS monopoles

Arbitrary N-Vortex Solutions to the First Order

We prove that a set of N not necessarily distinct points in the plane determine a unique, real analytic solution to the first order Ginzburg-Landau equations with vortex number N. This solution has

The dynamics of vortices on S2 near the Bradlow limit

The explicit solutions of the Bogomolny equations for N vortices on a sphere of radius R2>N are not known. In particular, this has prevented the use of the geodesic approximation to describe the low

Statistical mechanics of vortices